Standard Game Screen
    Image 1

    Single Digit and Double Digit Levels

    Choose single or double digit fact families on the level select screen, then select a level. Advance by tapping the screen. The standard game screen will appear (Image 1).

    The standard game screen shows a triangle with two numbers and a question mark inside a square (answer box). A number line is displayed below the triangle for single digit levels, and above and below the triangle for double digit levels. Solve the incomplete math fact by dragging a number from the number line into the answer box. The two numbers at the bottom of the triangle add together to equal the number at the top. Use the number at the top of the triangle to subtract the number at the bottom of the triangle to find the missing number. When a number has been placed in the answer box, a message will appear. If the answer is correct, a congratulatory message and the correct number sentence will appear (Image 2). If the answer is incorrect, "Try Again" and the incomplete number sentence will appear (Image 3). There are up to two more opportunities to find the correct answer. After the third attempt, the correct number sentence will appear.

    Correct Answer
    Image 2
    Incorrect Answer
    Image 3
    Fact Family Summary
    Image 4

    When all the facts in a fact family are answered, the facts learned will appear (Image 4). Once all the fact families in the level are complete, an animation will play. Tap to advance to the next level until all single or double digit levels are complete.

    Note: The single digit levels contain facts with sums 0 through 9. There are 30 single digit fact families comprised of 110 single digit facts. The double digit levels contain facts with sums 10 through 20. There are 91 double digit fact families comprised of 352 double digit facts.

    Results Screen
    Image 5

    Random Mode

    Once single and/or double digit levels are mastered, continue to random mode. A chosen number of mixed facts must be completed in this timed test component with a results page summarizing the player's performance.

    Select single and/or double digit facts. Choose the number of facts to complete. A screen with directions will appear followed by the "Ready, Set, Go..." screens. Timing will begin. The screen will automatically advance after two seconds when a number is tapped. During this transition, timing is paused. Once the selected number of facts has been answered, the results screen will show the number of facts answered correctly out of the number attempted, the elapsed time, and up to five facts that were answered incorrectly, if any (Image 5). Try again with the same random mode settings by tapping the try again button or tap the home button to return to the home menu.


    Included in the tutorial are slides with abridged directions of how to play the game. The text is shown below:

    A fact family is a group of four number sentences that use the same three numbers. There are always two addition sentences and two subtraction sentences in a fact family. Two numbers in a fact family must either add together or subtract to equal the third number. A math triangle can help you memorize math facts in a fact family. The two bottom numbers can be added together, in any order, to equal the number at the top. You can use the number at the top to subtract one of the bottom numbers to find the missing number. Complete the math fact by dragging a number into the answer box. If your answer is correct, a number sentence will appear in the middle of the triangle. If you are incorrect, you will be asked to try again. When you have completed the number sentences in a fact family, the facts learned will appear on the screen. When you have completed all fact families for the level, you will move on to the next level. Good luck and have fun!


    Change the answer and sound settings by pressing the "On" or "Off" button next to the label.

    Tap to answer: "On" indicates tapping the number answer instead of dragging it. "Off" indicates dragging the number answer. This option does not affect random mode which is always tap only.

    Sound: Turn all game sounds "On" or "Off."